Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday, 15 September 2006

Woke up, unable to get out of bed. So tired. My body is wrecked. Went to make arrangements at Doves. They really take care of everything. It was quite difficult to choose hymns and write a message. How do you sum up a persons life in one paragraph? I do hope that all his friends put in messages for him. There weren't a lot of visitors at the hospital, but I know he was well liked. Dad, I really hope your funeral is beautiful. It is so difficult to plan something without going OTT and still make it special. I hope that it is what you would have liked. We are all still so tired.
No real family coming round and spending time with us, but I guess we have never been that way. Maureen Kelly & Rita luckily brought us food. Thank you Lord for the strength you have given us, but I am finished. I hope to get a good nights sleep.
Morag said that she strengthened my heart & solar plexus. Very kind of her.
Oi vey my brain is fried.
Got flowers, and phone calls from my special friends.

Thank you Lord. Please send angels to care for my dad.

After such a long vigil, we didn't know what to do with ourselves. So we planned a funeral. I just wanted to get past all the formalities of the situation. I wanted this all over with.
We made up hampers for the nurses to say thank you for everything they had done. We did not know how to just be.

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