Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thursday, 7 September 2006

Had my interview at Mr Price today. Went well. Lori reminded me of Elisa Ferreira. I think we clicked well. They hadn't even looked at my CV and they seemed quite keen on me. Went well, except for me arriving at work with a huge Mr Price visitor sticker on my boob.
I am scared for my dad. Dr M described his condition as so-so, he had hoped the fistula would have healed itself. Next week both him and Dr R will op and start from scratch and see if there is anything they can do. This seems like the last thing they can and will do. I am scared. What if dad doesn't make it? What if they can't do anything. This feels like the end of the line. And it doesn't help that when I visit dad, he is having delusions. Seeing budgies flying.

I am scared. Lord, please give us all the strength to continue. Please help all of us, especially my dad and the doctors. Can you please heal my dad? Please heal his pain and suffering. Lord please send down the light of the Holy Spirit to fill my dad with love and healing. Please send angels to guide and watch over him and help focus on the healing that needs to take place. Please Lord.

Thank you for having mercy on us.

I snuck out for a job interview during the time I would have gone to visit dad. He said it was okay… That night he was telling us about all the budgies that were in the room. He was whispering as to not frighten them. I remember him pointing and whispering gently, 'there's a baby one…' We laughed. But it was scary.

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