Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saturday, 9 September 2006

Dad was sitting today when I arrived. Bought him a card on 'dads'. He had a good sleep tonight. This evening we waited for the visitors to leave and snuck the boys in for a quick hello. Dad got such a shock, I don't think there was time to take it all in. The boys are too gorgeous. Taylor says as we are leaving, 'I love oupa!' They are both such lovely children. I love them to bits.
Please please keep my dad in a good frame of mind. I know he is strong but please help strengthen him this week. Please help heal his body. Please give Mills & Raidoo strength and guidance to help my dad get better. Thank you Lord.

I left the card behind after my morning visit. Mom said that dad was quite moved by it. We always had a hard time openly showing our love, and I knew that this was the right time to try and communicate how I felt to my dad.
Mom and I were babysitting the boys. We spoke to the nurses and they agreed to let us bring the boys in to see dad. Hung around until visiting hours were over and then ran in with the boys, long enough to give him a hug. Dad was so surprised, but so happy to see them.

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