Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday, 8 September 2006

Georgie phoned. She is worried about signing a lease versus coming home. I can't say how things will play out, but I don't know if coming home is the answer. This is hard for all of us. I just pray that my dad will be allowed to heal.
Went to see Confetti after work with Jo. What a lovely movie. I like the mockumentry style. It reminds me so much of real life.
Dad was up till 4am this morning so they let him sleep today. He was more himself tonight. Less budgie sightings. Brad phoned and spoke to him. Lily is walking. I'm so proud of her.
Thank you for strengthening us each day. Thank you for listening to our prayers. Lord, please help heal my dad. Please guide Dr M to help the healing process in the best possible way.

Subject: update
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 08:12:03 +0200

Doc operated again on dad last friday (can't say exactly what he did,

he told my mom and she doesn't have a clue) but it was just something
minor to try help the 'intestinal fistula' (that is what they are
calling it now) to close up. It doesn't seem to have helped much.

Dads electrolytes are still out, they were giving him magnesium the

other day. He is very confused and now is seeing things too. Last
night I watched him watch a budgie (?) fly around the room.
Apparently he has been seeing a lot of bird life in the ICU. It's
funny, but it's sad and scary too.

Mom spoke to Doc yesterday, he described dads condition as 'so-so'.

The fistula has not healed on its own as he hoped and he can't rule
out that there is any further obstruction. He has said that next week
he will operate with his partner and open up completely again and
start from scratch to fix what they can. If they can. Otherwise they
will have to sew up and try and create a colostomy - but I've never
heard of a colostomy in the small intestine, so that must be the 'we
have done all we can' solution as I don't know what quality of life
that will allow for. I guess its more 'wait and see' and stay positive.

Otherwise, how are you all doing :-) ?



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