Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monday, 7 August 2006

The Wound Care specialist said that there is no progress and that it is too expensive to keep the vacuum on the wound with so much fluid coming out. Doctor mentioned to dad that he wants to operate again.
Lord, I'm not too keen on more operations. Please help heal his colon, please can the tear rectify itself so that there is no need to operate. Please Lord, your power is great and can make anything possible. Please send the Holy Spirit down to touch my dad and heal him from the inside. Please take away his pain so that he can come home and start his new life. Please Lord, strengthen my dad so that there are no more infections and that his colon can heal itself.
Doctor seems so impatient, but I know that you are already sending love and light to my dads abdomen.

I beg for your mercy with what little strength I have left. Please Lord, have mercy on us. Your grace and power are glorious and we are blessed by your caring love. Please Lord, please send a miracle. Please send down a special angel with a miracle for my dad.

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