Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thursday, 10 August 2006

What a day. This morning mom mailed to say that Dr M will operate this afternoon. I was in such a state. My creative director let me leave and spend the day with dad. Time flew by. We chatted, he was in a lot of pain from his bladder. Brought in Taylor & Nathan to see him. He was so happy to see them, but he did get a bit upset though. Time flew by and before I knew it, we were leaving dad in theatre, not knowing how things would turn out. We all just had to remain positive.
Then next thing we knew, Corinna, Michael's wife came rushing in, hysterical, 'I don't know what to do, they phoned me, I can't go in there, what if he's dead!' Mom held her for a while and then eventually offered to take her in. The doctor was there, and we heard her cry immediately. Winnie and I both started sobbing, it was awful.

And as the family came in, we sobbed with them. The feeling, I cannot explain and to see the grief in other people. I can't describe the effect it had on me, knowing that dad was in theatre at the same time, thinking that could be us! Just hearing the grief was enough to set me off crying but at the same time I felt as though I needed that cry, it was really exactly what I needed. As awful at it was, his parents were lovely, such kind friendly people who kept us company for over a week. I would never have believed that things would have turned out this way. Never.

'You cry for those who are left behind'.

Lord, please carry Michael safely into your arms where he may rest and breathe easy. Please guide and strengthen his family during this difficult time of loss.

Thank you for giving my dad the strength to make it through this op. Thank you for giving Dr M the skill to have operated so successfully. Please keep sending down the healing light of the Holy Spirit to care for and strengthen my dad. Thank you for the strength you have given us.

Thank you.

Morning V

Spoke to Dr M when I got to the office.

It is the small intestine that is the problem and not healing. He wants to operate some time today most probably this afternoon as his brother/brother in law was killed in a car accident this week and he is going up for the funeral in Pretoria and doesn't want to leave the operating for to long. He will have to see how he can fix it whilst he is under.

Love ma

Michael had been admitted earlier in the week with severe pneumonia. He had started with the 'flu 2 weeks earlier and not gotten better. As only 2 visitors are allowed in ICU at a time, and there are 3 visting hours a day, we got to know his family over those few days. His parents were lovely people, who promised to pray for dad. When dad went into surgery, we faced with the thought of not seeing him alive again. Little did we know at the moment the doctors were desparately trying to resuscitate Michael. We sat and sobbed as family and friends poured in. All the while knowing that Dad is in surgery. It was cathartic for us, but hard to comprehend. THAT COULD BE US.

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