Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saturday, 12 August 2006

Okay. So its leaking again. But now we have realised that there must be a blockage somewhere.
Which means more surgery…

We cut dads hair today. I think I prefer it longer!

Lord, please help us here. Please send a miracle, we have been praying for so long but not for the right thing. Lord, your power is so great, please heal my dad. I would just love for him to go to the toilet again. I pray that my dad will grow in strength so that his abdomen can heal fully and he is able to return home. Lord, please can the obstruction clear without complication. Please, I ask in Jesus name. Every time I think we cannot take any more, we get past it. We will get past this and come out a stronger family for it. Thank you for helping us see our strength.

We love you dad. We all pray each day so that you may heal. Thank you Lord for your kindness. Please have mercy on us Lord.

Oh my word. The way mom and I got kakked on during the haircut. We had no idea what we were doing and he knew it. He was certain that we would leave big bald spots. He took pride in his appearance.

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