Friday, August 8, 2008

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Visited dad this morning. Dr M had been, but dad was sleeping so he was gonna come back later. Chatted to Dad about a lot of things.
Spoke to Dr R, he was a bit reassuring in his explanation of the surgery. Dad isn't keen though, I could see. He wanted to speak to Brad. I texted him, but I think it was before his lunch break. Had a good visit though. I'm positive about things. I continue to pray for strength and healing. I pray for guidance for Dr M. I pray that my dad can make a full recovery. Please Lord.

Thank you for caring and listening.

Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 12:45:27 +0200

Hey there,

Yesterday during dads visit he said that Dr M mentioned that he may

have to operate again.

I was not keen on the idea at all, mom was supposed to speak to Dr M

today, but i haven't heard anything back from her. Today when I
visited dad, i saw Dr R and went to speak to him. I told him
everything I knew up till now and asked what he thought about
surgery. He said the tissues were initially very delicate because of
the infection and malnutrition, but now that there is no infection
and dad has been getting his TPN, the tissue should be a lot
healthier, and if the fluid output is higher, it would be better to
operate now to close everything up while it is still infection free.

I don't if dad will end up with a colostomy, but if that's what it

takes to make him better then fine.
So will wait to hear what Dr M says, dad is not keen on another op


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