Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday, 21 July 2006

MRSA is clear, but dad hasn't slept in 3 days. Starting to struggle with his breathing and they will put him back on the ventilator if they have to. They also picked up candida in his wound. I pray that its not in his blood. Sat with him for 2 hours this afternoon so he rested a bit, but he doesn't seem himself. Spoke to the nurse as well, which was nice to see his point of view.
Oh and his temp had come down an inkling. Good news.
Lord please allow my dad the rest he needs. Please strengthen him to get through this stage of healing. Please help him stay strong.

I spoke to the studio head and she let me go off for the afternoon to sit with dad and let him sleep a bit. He was starting to look wide (and wild eyed). So I held his hand and told him that he could sleep and I would watch over him. I chatted with his nurse for a bit. She told about what it was like when she used to work in a government hospital. How the ICU is 5 times the size and the patients are much worse, usually from horrific car accidents. She really battled in that environment because she saw a lot of patients who would be improving, dying because of negligence. And it would get swept under the carpet.
She also said that Dad had said that we don't really care about him. That we are only here because he is sick and otherwise wouldn't give him a second thought.

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