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Monday, 10 July 2006

Woke up this morning and the news wasn't good. Dad hadn't improved all night. Went in at 10.30 they decided to do a tracheotomy. Mills was concerned about Dad's lung infection and his swelling too.
Tonight's visit went a lot better. Dads looking so much more comfortable and he is taking about 5 bpm. The swelling is still worrying me, but I hope and pray that after a nights rest my dad will begin to show signs that the infection has passed.

Lord please help my father to heal and ease his pains. Strengthen him and guide him in his path to healing. Thank you for keeping all of us strong.

My mom also thinks that when dad comes home he will be a changed man. I too believe so. He has his grandkids that he loves so much, I'm sure he will have a different outlook.

Thank you for taking us this far, please continue with your grace and power to send the healing light of the holy spirit down to my dad. Amen.

Subject: update
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 08:02:15 +0200

My dad has been doing okay up till now, but yesterday it seems some

sort of infection has set in. They believe it may be in his lungs. All his vitals are fine except for the ventilator which is now on
100% (it was previously only on 40%). This is not good, and the nurse was going to try wean him off it last night, but he has not yet made any progress. In the nurse's words, he is a very sick man.

Please keep sending positive thoughts, healing energy and prayers.



Now dad has a ventilator pipe straight into his windpipe. It sounds awful, but it really helped.

By this stage dad was swollen all over. His fingers were like fat sausages and his stomach was tight as a drum. I remember one of the nursing sisters showing us the red streaks on his torso to make sure we knew and that we made sure the doctor was taking care of it. At a later stage I looked up the red marks on the internet and that's how I knew that my dad had had septacemia. Apparently the nurses didn't think he would make he was so sick. We didn't know how bad it was.

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