Thursday, July 3, 2008

Monday, 3 July 2006

Hey there peops!

Made it home in one piece, not soo great to be back at work though

Thanks again for EVERYTHING, I really appreciate everything.

I dunno if mom has contacted you, but dad was having stomach pains last night (he was feeling fluey and so ate 2 oranges), he started
getting sick from the pain so they admitted him into Parklands to
monitor him. They have given him something for the pain. The doctor
is just waiting for the moment to see what to do next.

I'm sure mom will let you know if there is any news, but things seem

fine for now.

toodle loo

Dad was booked into surgery late that afternoon. We were not too stressed, because he had had surgeries before for minor obstructions, so it all seemed rather routine. I kept waiting to hear from my mom, but no word came. I was starting to worry, it was getting late and my mom still wasn't home.
Eventually I gave her a call - and she was also sounding worried. She didn't understand why it was taking such a long time. I felt so bad, so I said that I would come join her at the hospital so that she didn't have to wait alone.
Just as I was about to leave, she rang. Doctor was out of surgery, and apparently my dads small intestines were a mess. He said there was orange everywhere! But I was so relieved.
My dads eating habits were not good. He loved red meat and hardly every ate vegetables. So to hear that his overdose of oranges caused an abdominal obstruction was such a joke.

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