Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thursday, 20 July 2006

They took the tracheotomy out today. Great news. Was able to chat to dad today, tell him what he had been through, how long he has been in ICU. A bit delirious, but this evening was worse, he was really out of it, and slurring too. They wanted to try change change his nurse cos he is so paranoid he won't sleep.
Maria cooked us an amazing dinner. Really tasty and delicious. Sushi, pea soup, spinach feta lasagne, chocolate pudding. Really stunning. Lovely to see the girls again and chat about interesting stuff.
Still worried about my dad, I hope he gets better soon. Lord please help heal him from the inside out.

Subject: Re: hi!

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 10:04:55 +0200

Hey there,

Dad is doing better, awake now and although he can't talk is full of
nonsense. He is off the ventilator, but they will see how it goes before they remove the tracheotomy. He is still weak, and we have to wait for the cultures to come back before we know what's up with the infections.


Dad was convinced that his nurse had a knife and was gonna try stab him during the night. With all the hectic pain meds and antibiotics he was on, his mind was completely addled. So strange.

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