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Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Just got back from hospital, things were looking good today from what I heard. Off sedation etc. Well his needle from sunday's drip has tested positive for MRSI. They said they are moving him into isolation so that he can get better without the risk of further infection, but it seems to me its so that he doesn't infect others.
They kept calling it a 'bug' which I found unusual. But they are treating it I can only pray with all my heart and soul that those 'buggers' die! Every last one of them. Mills has brought out the big guns, but now I think its time we brought out the extra big guns. Extra angels, extra healing light from the holy spirit. Double time!

The more we are challenged, the more I will dig my heels in. I will NOT submit! Not now, after all this. This has not been for nothing.

I'm glad on the other hand that they have finally picked up what's wrong. My dad is so sick. Lord, please help him fight this. Please give him a boost of strength and vitality to kick this bug. I pray with all my heart and soul. Your glorious power is so great, you can move oceans.
Please spare a speck of your grace and power for my father.

And now my poor brother is showing signs of shingles. It doesn't rain, it pours. But if this is a test of my family's mettle, let us show you how strong we are. We will beat this, and after, we be the best family we have ever been. In God we trust. Amen.

Subject: update
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:44:11 +0200

Everything is still stable, doctor is happy with progress so far.
Lungs are doing better. As of this morning he is off the morphine, so the next step is to wake him and start trying to take him off the ventilator. Not out of the woods yet, but at least there is no
deterioration. His swelling is still an issue, but they will continue monitoring it.



I don't remember ever being told directly by a doctor or nurse that my dad had picked up MRSA. They would only call it a 'bug'. We arrive for a visit and my dad is in isolation because of how sick he is, until we realise that he is not isolation for his protection, but to protect everyone else in the ward. From an infection he picked up in intensive care.
Which brings me to another point. People in ICU are VERY ill. Visits are very limited to close family. So when I saw huge extended families hovering outside, each wanting a turn for a visit, and then not following procedure I would get so angry. Don't come into ICU if you have a cold. Make sure you wash your hands PROPERLY once you enter. And then, during the visit, don't be chatting on your cellphone. Your behaviour could be putting someone elses life at risk. Phew. That was a bit of a rant…

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