Friday, July 4, 2008

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

11th Bodytalk
Just left ICU, said bye to Dad. I said that I will see you tomorrow after the operation, he opened his eyes and smiled and nodded. This is not a major thing. I know he can make it if he wants to or needs to. Rushed straight after my bodytalk, most of my session was adjusting after my trip and the other bit was about Dad and our relationship. How it is safe to love Dad. And how our relationship is linked to my heart as opposed to some relationships which link to the brain. Really special, tonight was a huge turning point in our relationship. Things can only get better. He just needs to get through tomorrow.
I'm not sure what to do tomorrow, if I should go to work or come be here for mom.
If my guardian angel could just guide me.
I also visualised a bubble of white light around my dad, that will protect him and keep him safe.

I hope we can all rest well tonight for tomorrow.

I had been going to BodyTalk for over a year and not once did we ever address my difficult relationship with my dad. Until that night.
Dad had been in surgery the night before and we were still waiting to hear from the doctor how things went. I had barely arrived for BodyTalk (a modality similar to reiki) and my phone didn't stop ringing once. I had a feeling something wasn't right - but I decided to finish the session before I answered it. When I eventually did it was J, my ex-boyfriend. He said that my family had been trying to get hold of me. My dad wasn't doing well and I needed to get to the hospital. I drove the whole way to Parklands with tears streaming down my face. This kind of thing happens to other people, not me. After a bodytalk that focused on my dad, I was convinced he was dying.
My brother who lives in the UK phoned the surgeon. He suggested that they get on the next plane home. It was not looking good.

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