Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monday, 24 July 2006

I am so angry and frustrated, I feel like the doctor isn't coming to the party. Half truths and telling us what suits them. I just feel so angry because this is serious. This is my dad's life! I want to know whats wrong now, not in 5 days when its being treated!
From 'bugs' to MRSA and 'infection' to septicemia. I just feel like they are not being straight with us. But regardless, I will be strong and be positive and pray for my father to recover and show them. Show them that faith is more valuable. Lord, please clear out my dads abdomen, please help heal his intestines and allow his wound to heal. Please help his fever come down. Please just heal my dad from the inside out. Continue strengthen him so that he can show the doctors what true healing is. Please Lord, send all your special angels to nurse and comfort my dad, so that he may make a full recovery.

Thank you for taking care of him so far, and answering our prayers. Your power is great and merciful Lord. Thank you for having mercy on us. Thank you for having mercy on us. Thank you for being a kind God.
Soothe my fathers mind tonight so that he may rest peacefully and awake to another glorious day filled with the healing light of the Holy Spirit.
Dads hands are getting stronger, he comes and goes with his clarity. But he is still tired. He is in good care though.

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