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Thursday, 13 July 2006

This morning the nurse said that she could tell the antibiotics were working, but this evening the nurse seemed to think we need to give things more time. They put a stoma bag on his wound today to gather the secretions, and of course Winnie and Mom had to have a look. I then had to endure graphic descriptions of his wound. I'm really annoyed, I feel that every time they come out of ICU they have long face. We all know Dad is sick, but being miserable isn't gonna help.
For me what is worrying is that Thandi told us to make sure the doctor is doing something about the redness on his sides. For a nurse to point that out does scare me. But I am positive that my dad is strong and will continue to fight, we cannot and will not give up hope. His breathing has come a long way from sunday and I trust that God has heard my prayers. Lord each day it seems that there is another obstacle in my fathers path to good health. Please help strengthen my father to fight these things in his way. Give him the strength to heal. Please guide Dr Mills and help him give my dad the best treatment. Please watch over and guides the nurses caring for my dad. That then will never tire and always give him the care he deserves.

This is the beginning to take its toll on all of us, but we are still read to fight his illness. We will fight until my father is healing and fighting again too! Lord please send the healing light of the Holy spirit to surround my dad and heal his pains. Please lord, please. I ask for your mercy. In your name we pray. Amen

Subject: update

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 08:04:51 +0200

Tests back from the lab show that he has picked up quite a strong bug
(glad they found it, we could tell something hasn't been right.) They have moved Dad into isolation to prevent any reinfection and changed him to the correct antibiotic. He is gonna need a extra heap of prayers to get past this hurdle, so get praying!



Subject: Re: update
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 16:14:02 +0200

No they have him sedated, its too much extra stress at the moment. As he improves, and his breathing stabilises - he has been hyperventilating a bit, they will sedate less so they can take him off the ventilator. He is off the morphine drip though, they just
sedate him at intervals now.
The bug is MRSA - one of the superbugs, so it will take a while for the all clear, but luckily the antibiotic seems to be working.

Wow, I managed to sound pretty chipper for someone who's dad is in hospital with multiple infections. Ignorance is bliss.
By this stage dads stitches are slightly open and they are draining the fluid from his bloated abdomen. It's sounds awful, but it was great news to us, that whatever nastiness inside his tummy was draining out.
The nurses in ICU are great. They are with the patients 24/7 and sometimes I think they know more about a patients wellbeing than a surgeon who pops in for 5 minutes a day. We were warned by a nursing sister about my dad's treatment. We still didn't know he had sepsis. We were being so optimistic.

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