Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday, 28 July 2006

Good visit today, he was a bit tired. Tina's 2nd day. Arrived late tonight, drinks at work, Kerins resignation etc. Dad looking tired, feeling clammy. He's not keen on Goodness, I think her name is. He calls her a 'lighty'. Plus the calculations for fluids in/fluids out were not correct. An anesthetist was around too, he said 'we're hoping for the best'. Aren't we all? I'm doing more than that, I'm praying for the best. I have angels, spirit guides and friends watching over my dad and helping him heal from the inside. I pray tonight for the Lord to strengthen my dad so that his temperature will normalise. Thank you for all the strength you have given us. Thank you Lord.
We love you dad, sleep tight, keep getting stronger.

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